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Superbly fresh, greatly impressive, uniquely authentic, and never embellished.

tracy cogan nj- ocal news camden county prosecutor

NJ Local News: Camden County Prosecutor Unit Exposed

While reading the NJ Local News, I was reminded of what my grandfather used to say, “I don’t give a ...
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vlog gay porn

Report Released – Gay Porn Leads to Criminal Conduct

While sitting at my favored Starbucks, I thought about Gay Porn.  Wait a minute, by-the-way, I’m enjoying a Venti 3-pump-vanilla ...
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prosecutor camden county

Guerrilla Marketer vs Prosecutor Camden County

On or about June 2012, Laurie Corson, a former Assistant Prosecutor with the Office of the Prosecutor Camden County, committed a ...
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bruce aristeo marketing

Internet Marketers, are They Headed for Extinction?

Are Internet Marketers marketing themselves out of the market, thus becoming extinct? If you’re old enough, you should remember when ...
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bruce aristeo

On-Page SEO Strategy: Getting Found Online

On-page SEO is about keywords or key-terms, keyword ranking, and ensuring that your most important terms are found within the content ...
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bruce aristeo

Off-Page SEO And Inbound Links: The Company You Keep

Off-page SEO is about building quality inbound links; a network of links from other high-ranking sites that lead back to ...
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For over three decades (30 years), Bruce Aristeo used his artistic background to help to built and brand several International companies.  Through hard work and perseverance, Bruce formed a superior skill-set, which morphed into Internet Marketing and ultimately Guerrilla Marketing.  As a graduate of Rutgers University, Bruce Aristeo holds degrees in mathematics, psychology, some undergraduate study in marketing and human relations, and a PhD. in Digital Social Media Marketing (as if there were such a thing).

Bruce is a New Jersey State certified K-12 teacher of both mathematics and psychology, and a Free & Accepted Master Mason.  Bruce Aristeo was a president-elect Rotarian, but he failed to reach the level of hypocrite necessary to hold that position.

Bruce’s philosophy is to provide service on a foundation of integrity, which is greater than or equal to that which he bestows himself.

Bored of being politically correct and staying within the norm of public acceptance, Bruce Aristeo broke out from the box and created this website for exercising his Right of Self-expression, which is the freedom of speech, the freedom of experience, the freedom of expression, and the freedom to be an individual.  Here is a place to voice his opinions, to express himself about others -without malice.  That’s an essential concept to the privilege of creativity, but one many think they have the right to control.

I love laughing at myself.  To help me laugh, I look for tiny moments within each of life’s experiences that enrich my understanding of the past.  Indeed, the uniqueness of my power to merge the past and future enables me to laugh a little more, but most importantly, that power clears the way for a very funny future.

He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.