NJ Local News: Camden County Prosecutor Unit Exposed

tracy cogan nj- ocal news camden county prosecutor

While reading the NJ Local News, I was reminded of what my grandfather used to say, “I don’t give a fuck what you do in life, just as long as you’re the best at it!”  The former Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk must have known my grandfather because in 2014 the FBI awarded Camden City with the most prestigious title a city could ever strive for.  NJ Local News quoted, “It’s the best of the worst crime cities in the United States,” but that’s not all.


The NJ local news was overly publicized to: (1) divert attentions from the population regarding the corruption in Camden, (2) instill fear in the population they may become a victim of crime, which helps justify the increased police spending, and (3) set a statistical baseline for Camden County such that any increased spending on policing the city can be validated when the crime rate drops below the baseline.

Rats! We Have No Stinking Rats!

There was unexpected outcome from overly publicizing the NJ local news.  Here, the population’s fear rose to a level that it became a contagion infecting resident rats.  It’s true; rats actually began evacuating to neighboring cities to escape Camden.

Nevertheless, even after millions of rats scurried away at an alarming rate, the crime persisted, but the crime problem in Camden County New Jersey was never thought to be caused by the rats that left.

Another theory was posed where the crime-rate problem is attributed to the “population to square acre” ratio.  Psychological studies, using rats, show that living in close quarters can result in heightened territorial behaviors.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Still, a population of approximately 77,000 living within approximately 5,600 square acres, Camden residents should be quite comfortable with room to breath.  Mathematically, each person has an approximate 58-foot square living space.  You can fit roughly 42 full size cars in that same space.

And still, the 2012 FBI crime rate statistics suggests a very different paradigm.

Presenting the crime issue to our State Governor Chris Christie, in his State of the State Address, Christie made a most profound statement.  He said, “For too long Camden has been one of the most dangerous cities in New Jersey, and in America.”  Wow! Did he work on that statement all night?

As I stated, maybe it’s not the rats that evacuated Camden which are the problem.  After hearing no “voice of reason” from Governor Christie, figuring he had gas pains from stuffing himself on Taxpayer dollars, I decided to research why Camden City is crime central.

What I found, will shock your conscience!

The Secret Agency

Unexpectedly, my research into the crime problem unearthed a secret organization from within New Jersey’s Criminal Justice System, specifically, within the Camden County Office of the Prosecutor.

I was reminded of the recent film Man from U.N.C.L.E., a remake of the American television series from the mid 60’s.  The show was broadcast on NBC from 1964 to 1968, and it illustrated the adventures of two agents who worked for a fictitious secret international espionage and law-enforcement agency called U.N.C.L.E.

Originally, the meaning of U.N.C.L.E. was left ambiguous, leaving us viewers to associate the organization to either “Uncle Sam” or the “United Nations,” but producers later clarified that U.N.C.L.E. was an acronym for the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement.

The Prizes Suck in Cracker Jacks

This special Camden agency was not unlike U.N.C.L.E., but it was formed from a Cracker-Jack team of women who had a unique understanding of tyrannical morality.  The higher-ups agreed Camden County desperately needed a team that would disregard the rights of its citizens and ignore the United States Constitution.  Their plan; to stop crime with crime.  A concept derived from firefighters, who use explosives to extinguish fires (fight fire with fire).

With this plan, the special team could operate as criminals whose actions fall under the protections of prosecutorial immunity (meaning no one could touch them).  Now unlike the men from U.N.C.L.E., who understood and abided by International Law, these female officers violate the “Rule of Law” by assigning guilt and punishment before the presumption of innocence.

Remove L and E for T, The Name is Clear

Likened to The Man from U.N.C.L.E., the former Warren W. Faulk dubbed his secret division as the Camden Unit of National Tyrants.  To maintain the status quo, Warren created a hierarchy and assigned a National Tyrants Director who goes by the name Tracy A. Cogan.  Tracy Cogan was also assigned a special code name within the Camden Unit of National Tyrants; “The Hammer”.  In short, Tracy Cogan has the special task of overseeing and training upcoming female officers for the Camden Unit of National Tyrants.

VIDEO ENDS HERE.  Continue reading…

As my diligence continued, I later found that Tracy A. Cogan was nearly caught with her hand in the proverbial till… so to speak.  Tracy Cogan (aka: The Hammer), now a highly revered Camden Unit of National Tyrants officer, has perfected the art of lying, helping witnesses commit perjury, fabricating false documents, and destroying and concealing material evidence in criminal prosecutions.  This is a “no-no” under our Rules of Professional Conduct.

Code Name Hammer

Tracy Cogan, the Camden Unit of National Tyrants Director, probably received her code-name “The Hammer” not because it looks like someone used a hammer to style her hair, but because anyone who has the displeasure of engaging Tracy A. Cogan walks away as if they were hit from behind with a 30lb. sledge hammer.

The reason Tracy A. Cogan has code name “The Hammer”, is because she hammers at common sense until it fits in her uterus of understanding.  This skill is a practiced requirement in Chapter Two of the Camden Unit of National Tyrants handbook.

The Slippery Song

As my research delved deeper, a slippery source inside the Camden Unit of National Tyrants leaked some information, and me, likened a panty-liner absorbed every bit of it.  Here, the team recently hired a musician to produce a song that shall be discharged during the Camden Unit of National Tyrants inaugurations.  From my understanding, this is the unedited version.

Report Released – Gay Porn Leads to Criminal Conduct

vlog gay porn


While sitting at my favored Starbucks, I thought about Gay Porn.  Wait a minute, by-the-way, I’m enjoying a Venti 3-pump-vanilla 2-pump-raspberry soy no-foam latte, accessorized with a recycled sleeve and a large green straw.  God that’s so gay!

Gay Porn Secrets

being gay dangersOkay, let’s first start with the dirty little dangers.  Hum… Shall I reveal the truth about my dangerous sexcapaids with other men while masquerading as a heterosexual male, or maybe delve into those hot little recesses of my mind and expose the gay porn fantasies of rolling around in a human salad and dangerously ravishing other men on a plastic sheet drenched in flavored oils.  Aside from the delicious fluid transfer, what other danger is there?  Everyone knows gay men only think about sex and watching gay porn, well, maybe working out and shopping, but that’s so they can be more attractive when having sex and watching gay porn with their partner(s).

But, I’m not revealing anything new am I.  Then what are the dangers?

That’s a mouth full… That’s what he said!

Are you against bigotry, discrimination, and those who have an utter disregard for equality?

The sticky truth

So…  With all this buildup I know you’re just about to explode, and you’re absolutely dying to know the climactic point to this gay porn story.  Well, first off, I am a heterosexual male, and… drum roll please… some of my dearest friends are gay and they watch gay porn.  I have not had sex with them, nor do I have sexual fantasies about men.  So yes, I lied in the beginning to get your attention.  Basically I’m me, and this is a gay not gay porn story.  Damn, the cat’s out of the bag now!  At this point I’m so tempted to say, “Not that there’s anything wrong with it!”, but I’ll stick to the plastic… oops!  A little fetish slip, I mean Freudian slip, and I meant to say “stick to the subject” not the “plastic.”  In any event, at an undisclosed point in time I was accused of working in a gay bar in Old City Philadelphia, and persecuted for associating with gay men, I don’t know if these men watched gay porn or not.  But if that were true, I would have made a hell of a lot more money in tips by bending over to get that beer out of the refrigerator!

Image that!  In this day and age the “gay card” was used in court to influence a judge’s perception by implying that associating with gay men, or being gay, or watching gay porn is a sign of instability and obsessive behavior that could be the onset of criminal conduct.

Sulu, somebody, beam me the fuck outta’ here!

danger of being gayHere’s the funny thing, I am appalled that I was stereotyped not as an emotionally healthy gay man, but as a man who had not accepted being gay, and as such, I was psychotic.  Whether my psychosis was from watching gay porn or not is still in debate.  But, the associations are ludicrous!  I never believed gay men were emotionally unstable, a little flamboyant at times, but no more unstable than I.  How lewd, the blatant use of the “gay card” in a court of law only reinforces stereotypical gay prejudices, and it makes a clear statement that there is something wrong with homosexuality.  And get this, the judge took the allegations into consideration… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!  At one point counsel realized what was just stated and stepped in to re-clarify the meaning, which was just as ridiculous as the original statement.

And someone please explain to me how a homosexual man is more apt to be the subject of emotional dysfunction than a heterosexual man.

Oops!  Coffee refill…

Loose ______ sink…

Really!…  It could have been stated that I was an “angry man,” but the pot was sweetened by suggesting “gay angry man.”  My feelings are truly hurt!  I love my friends, they’re great, and that will never change.  Oh, and they have more non-sexual introspective thoughts than heterosexual men.  But here’s the clincher, because of this ridiculousness I began voicing my opinion online and countering the gay statements made about me, but with humor and satire.  My stand in favor of being gay-not-gay became an issue, and when compiled with the other nonsensical statements targeting me, I found myself facing criminal charges for making inflammatory videos.  Did someone say “First Amendment?”  If people are laughing, who the hell is getting inflamed?  I can tell you what was inflamed…

being gay dangersCurrently, I am defending myself against discrimination, censorship, and being fucked in the ass without my permission (the inflamed part).  And, I’m giving the County such a run for their money they need two (2) prosecutors to deal with me.  The one prosecutor is a female loose ass (opposed to tight, dear god you should see it), who I say has serious childhood abuse issues, and get this, they call her the “Hammer.”  What woman takes on the name “Hammer”?  I know your mind just shot off in one direction. LMAO

Aside from the gay-not-gay issue, another issue is this loose caboose prosecutor is attempting to show that women should not be viewed as sexually aggressive.

WAIT… REWIND… Feminists Alert!

Decades of women fighting for equality, and little miss dysfunction is stating there’s something wrong with women being sexually aggressive!!!  Where the hell are the bra burners when you need them?  If I were to analyze this, I’d have to say her usage of “sexual aggressiveness” is actually a repressed desire brought about by the “Lack-o-nookie Syndrome.”  All joking aside, the Lack-o-nookie Syndrome is characterized by an oversize caboose, and as you men know, if the buttocks is not getting enough action then there is a sizable increase in its overall mass.

being gay dangersAnyway, the other prosecutor is a jewish male, and can be best described as a discarded tampon.  Anytime a female has a power position over a man, the female becomes a Lorraine Bobbitt and somehow acquires his penis, and then directs him with his own dick.  Ultimately, the man has the characteristics of a discarded tampon… fucking useless.  This is especially true of jewish men because they are conditioned to be subservient to their mothers, which positions them to be emasculated later in life by their ex-wives.  Although this particular man he is very polite, I believe he knows the actions against me are a little fishy, but that may be him.  And, I do feel sorry for him, tampon or not.  No strings attached to that statement.

Well, if you like my fiction-non-fiction, and you wish to continuing supporting bigotry, discrimination, and those who have an utter disregard for equality, then be on your way.  But, if you feel so inclined to support me in combating and putting to shame a couple of scumbags who believe in and reinforce bigotry, discrimination, and have an utter disregard for equality, then click the link below and share.

If I collect enough money, I will video these two stripped down, face-to-face with their arms and legs interlaced together, and then dip them in a vat of clear latex!  Yes… I will make sure they can breathe.  God that’s so hot!  Imagine a video of two naked bodies struggling to break free of a joint latex bodysuit.  Talk about going viral!  Nah, I’m not unstable…

Oh by-the-way, I did began this story by suggesting Gay Porn Leads to Criminal Conduct… Notwithstanding being gay-not-gay, I have no fucking clue, so ask someone watches!

Guerrilla Marketer vs Prosecutor Camden County

prosecutor camden county

prosecutor camden county

On or about June 2012, Laurie Corson, a former Assistant Prosecutor with the Office of the Prosecutor Camden County, committed a fraud and maliciously interfered with a civil case where she had absolutely no authority.  Laurie Corson’s plan was to pressure the premature termination of that case in favor of opposition.  Laurie Corson’s conduct was investigated, but the investigation was unreasonably terminated before its finding.  Certain officers within the Office of the Prosecutor Camden County later concealed the details of Laurie Corson’s investigation.

Both Ron Helmer, Esq. and James Conley, Esq. of the firm Helmer, Conley & Kesselman, PA. (main office: 519 White Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, New Jersey 08035) were retained to protect the rights of Bruce Aristeo at a fee of $30,000.  But, instead of protecting their client, they worked closely with Laurie Corson and participated in defrauding Aristeo.  It was later discovered James Conley and Laurie Corson were professional and family friends, which stemmed from James Conley’s former 30-year reign as a Camden criminal assistant prosecutor.  This was also the reason the two attorneys refused Aristeo’s demands to pursue charges against Laurie Corson for misconduct.

This prompted Aristeo to fire the firm and act on his own behalf.  He filed the necessary ethics complaints, and used the Internet and his Guerrilla Marketing skills to exercise his First Amendment freedoms by exposing a matter of public interest; the unethical frauds and misconduct.  Some officers within the Office of the Prosecutor Camden County were displeased and embarrassed by the online postings, and devised a plan to shut down Aristeo’s accounts and punish him for speaking out against the county justice system.

To accomplish this plan, Assistant Prosecutor Tracy Cogan instructed Detective Christopher Auletto, a detective with the Office of the Prosecutor Camden County and who is listed under Adjunct Faculty at Rutgers Camden, to fabricate an investigation that would silence Aristeo, warrant the violations of his Constitutionally protected rights, and simultaneously conceal malicious police actions.

Chris Auletto fabricated such charges, he recorded scripted witness statements and then invaded Aristeo’s privacy by searching and seizing his property without warrant.  Chris Auletto then had Aristeo incarcerated by forging legal documents.  Later, it was found that both Tracy Cogan and Christopher Auletto participated in the staging of evidence and/or destroyed material evidence revealing their fraud and lies.  Moreover, the two ensured the defense would never obtain that material… So they thought.

Tracy Cogan believed the only way to conceal prior misconducts, and now her own, was to discredit and pressure Aristeo by detaining him in New Jersey’s most vile jail, the Camden County Correctional Facility.  But again, she was gravely mistaken.  Tracy Cogan deliberately postponed hearings to extend Aristeo’s confinement with hopes he’d surrender to further extortion.  After 45 days, Tracy Cogan offered Aristeo an immediate release upon his admittance of guilt.

Aristeo refused and stated, “NO!  We’re going to trial!  No deals!”  Aristeo refused five deals that would have released him immediately, but at the cost of his liberty.  After six (6) months in jail, Aristeo was released on his own recognizance into a devastated life.  He was homeless, indigent, and robbed of his livelihood.  Aristeo vowed Tracy Cogan and Chris Auletto would be held accountable by the people for their misconducts.

Now, nearly two (2) years have passed, Aristeo remains homeless and indigent, and is fighting diligently.  Tracy Cogan and Christopher Auletto have violated numerous state and federal rules of procedure by suppressing evidence in hopes of leveraging  Aristeo into submission.  Both Tracy Cogan and Christopher Auletto provided knowingly false information to the court, concealed and destroyed evidence, and withheld Aristeo’s computers and computer programs, which were at the heart of his Guerrilla Marketing business and would have enabled him to re-establish a livelihood.

Bruce Aristeo has an excellent opportunity to win a multi-million case against New Jersey government agencies and state officers, but as with any great endeavor, this opportunity desperately needs financial support.

Additionally, there is an urgency that Aristeo must secure a residence, otherwise the judge in this case will return him to jail where Aristeo will be denied access to a law library, research material, and legal assistance.

To obtain the donation goal, this story must be shared with at least 150,000 people.  Not everyone will donate, but the ratio to shares calculation demonstrates 150K will be sufficient.  A portion of your donation shall be used to establish the EREJ Project, whose aim is to assist with investigative services for the incarcerated and underprivileged.

Watch the videos and read the details of the campaign before donating $5.  Then share, and encourage others to donate and share to help flush Camden of the real criminals.  A violation of our Constitution is a crime against the United States.

You can read the Federal Lawsuit here.

Internet Marketers, are They Headed for Extinction?

bruce aristeo marketing

bruce aristeo marketing

Are Internet Marketers marketing themselves out of the market, thus becoming extinct?

If you’re old enough, you should remember when the Internet was introduced to the world. Then, shortly after we got used to the directory and file driven GUI, AOL created an application with colored icons and buttons. Finally, the Internet became a term of the past and we were introduced to the WEB.


With the introduction of the Web, we saw .COM companies emerging with graphic designers and programmers making millions. The word was out, everyone had to have a website! Soon after, people began buying URLs and selling them to the large corporations at an astronomical profit. Ah, the good ‘ol days…


But, what was the end result to millions of people hitching a ride on the programming bandwagon? Well, the programmers began programming applications to build websites, scripts, and web-based apps for those do-it-yourselfers. You no longer needed a programmer when you had the app doing the job. That sounds much like a traditional sci-fi movie, the ones in which humans build computers to do work only to have the computers take over.


Looking at today’s level of marketing, there is a tremendous amount of manual labor maintaining social media, search engine marketing, keyword research, and yes, we still have website development. The question to ask is, “Where is all this headed?”

My inbox continues to grow exponentially with offers from companies whose product line consists of apps that maintain, monitor, and offer analytics targeting areas that require the most attention. The purpose of these apps are to alleviate manual labor and guesswork. Sound familiar?


So, are Internet Marketers marketing themselves out of the market place as programmers were deprogrammed by inventing new ways to ease the burden of manual labor? Comments requested…

On-Page SEO Strategy: Getting Found Online

bruce aristeo

bruce aristeo
On-page SEO is about keywords or key-terms, keyword ranking, and ensuring that your most important terms are found within the content elements of your website. Content elements relate to page structure and include titles, headlines, sub-headlines, body content (text), images, tags and links.

Keyword density relates to the amount of times your most important words are used within the elements, however, overuse of these terms can be as damaging to keyword ranking as failing to use them enough. A good guideline is to keep less than 7 keywords per page, making sure they are the most prominent. Remember, you can populate the page with 1-2 terms on the same page, giving you better keyword ranking in search engine results pages (SERP).

The following tips are examples of on-page SEO done right:

  • Pick a primary terms or two for each page. Search engines use these words to rank and clearly determine what your content is about. Using too many keyword ranking terms in your content will confuse search engines and reduce your importance and the ‘authority’ of your page.
  • Place your key-terms within your heading and sub-heading, as these elements carry more weight with SERP.
  • Use your terms within the body-content (main text) of your page. They must be incorporated in a natural fashion that relates to the information you’re providing in some relevant manner for the best keyword ranking. Stuffing terms out of context for the sake of having them is a no-no, so make them count.
  • Include key-terms in the file names of images (i.e., mykeyword.jpeg), or within the Alt tag option to help ranking.
  • Use your terms within the site URL for better ranking.
  • Develop content for your readers, not search engines. Writing from the perspective of keyword ranking will never achieve the natural flow necessary to engage your site visitors, and defeats the purpose of getting them there in the first place.
  • Create an XML Sitemap for search engines to quickly understand and index the content. Here’s one (of many) free sitemap builders to help you.

Got a favorite SEO tip to share or myth to bust? Leave us a comment!

Off-Page SEO And Inbound Links: The Company You Keep

bruce aristeo

bruce aristeo

Off-page SEO is about building quality inbound links; a network of links from other high-ranking sites that lead back to your website. Just as it is in other areas of business, it’s often ‘who you know’ that matters. Search engines consider the quality, or ‘authority’ of the sites linking back to you, and the more authoritative inbound links you create, the higher you’ll rank.

You might have come across companies that offer link building campaigns, and what they offer seems quite appealing because it will save you lots of time. If you’re interested in having this service performed, please ensure you have an ironclad money-back guarantee. Usually, this service requires months to perform, and you should see a difference in the amount of inbound links to your website.

Check for testimonials, and check the testimonials by contacting them via email or phone. The process for verification is the same as if you were hiring an employee. Always keep in mind that building quality inbound links takes time and effort, but the tips below should get you off and running.

  • Content is king. Create engaging, educational and informative content. When people like your content, chances are they’ll want to share it by linking to it.
  • Submit your website to online directories. Many directories are free and easy to set up.
  • Write guest posts for other popular blogs. Popular blogs are often looking to add quality content, and by building these relationships, you’re also building quality inbound links.
  • Research link-building opportunities with other sites of authority. There are online tools available to help you check the domain and page ranking of the sites you’re trying to build links with.

Have a question or tip regarding Off-Page SEO? We’d love to hear it in our comments section.