5 Tips to Better SEO and Internet Marketing

Bruce Aristeo

Bruce Aristeo

I’d like to share 5 tips to better SEO, back linking and Internet Marketing! I remember the day I found out about a new way to communicate with others; it was through a service called AOL… Are they still around? My friends and family had AOL, businesses used the service, and everyone was talking about it. I joined not because I needed to chat with friends, or because I wanted email; it was because I could download small apps that would add new sounds and graphics to my computer system. Outside of AOL, a small network existed that I signed on to only to play a game. In this game, I drove a tank around an island looking for other tanks to shoot. I could build a fort by having the little man climb out and cut down trees to construct walls. If killed, another man would parachute onto the island and climb in my tank. However, if the man landed away from my tank, he had to run across the field while others shot at him. It was a blast! (No pun intended)

My question is, are we all business these days? We all know that simply building an aesthetically pleasing website is not the answer to gaining traffic. In addition, we know that a simple strategically placed keyword is not jetting us to the top of Google. So, how do we add fun and engage the perspective visitors? I visited a restaurant some time ago; they had the table covered with a large sheet of white paper. NO! Not a whitepaper… I sat for a moment, and for the life of me I could not figure out what the paper was for? Was the restaurant saving costs on washing regular tablecloths? Then, in the corner of the table behind the menus, I saw a small box of crayons. As they say in North Jersey, “Forget about it!” I went crazy drawing all over the table… In short, I had a blast! I thought about this after reading my 20th blog containing 5 tips to SEO. Simply a brief mention of a few minor points and not really slicing down into thicket seemed to cause sadness. I needed some intellectual stimulation with some quality and insight to the tips I was reading, I needed someone to blast! What have I become? Am I now the little guy jumping from the tank and being blasted by regurgitated material? I then stopped and laughed. Out of the blue I remembered the simplicity of the Motorola 19K bps modem I used back then, and being able to walk away from my computer for at least 5 minutes while it signed on to the network. Not really sure what the modem had to do with anything, it just came to mind and I’m laughing as I write this…

Internet strategies, inbound marketing, keyword research, rich content filled websites, blogging, and an unlimited list of methodologies to increase ranking are definitely one way to succeed, but where is the fun? What can I do to add content that will engage the part of a consumer who wishes to enjoy his/her visit and still keep it all business? How do I blast him to have fun and remember to come back?

So here are 5 tips to better SEO and back linking for fun!

  1. Misspell a title phrase and see who notifies you.  Whoever does, give them a reward.
  2. Hide a small graphic on the page, and whoever clicks it gets one-month of free service.
  3. Set up your pages with the same content on them; only change the first sentence on each.
  4. When a visitor scrolls down, have the page scroll back up automatically.
  5. Finally, a classic, set up a sound bite so when a button is clicked a funny sound is heard. You know what sound.

Let’s not forget how to have fun!

How Inbound Marketing Can Increase Your Business

Bruce Aristeo

Bruce Aristeo

In the not too distant past, finding customers consisted of physically putting yourself in the field and pulling customers in. Today, the field has changed into an arena where customers have shields and barricades to keep unwanted solicitations out.

Telephones have caller ID and Call Blocking technology, televisions now have the ability to record segments of time and by-pass commercials such as with TiVo, and we all know about junk email (spam).  In the past, pure intellect won battles and not brute force. So how do you get past the shields and barricades today? How do you reach the customers without them knowing you are reaching out to them? Simply pure intellect!

Using the Internet is using your intellect, and having an Inbound Marketing Strategy that incorporates the tools to slip through unwanted blocks is more productive than Cold-Calling. So, what is Inbound Marketing? Inbound means that prospective customers find you. It is the most effective and cost efficient way to capture or generate leads, and then funnel them into a lead conversion plan.

Inbound marketing relies heavily on understanding what stimulates your customer base into a purchasing decision, and then using that information to strategically position your products and services such that:

  • Visitors find your company online.
  • He/she is a qualified visitor and has an interest in what you offer.
  • They reach out to you and you not them.

This is the simplicity of an inbound marketing strategy that utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, standard marketing tactics, and the what rivals them all, social media marketing (SMM).

So, is gaining more traffic the solution to gaining more business? Is having a thousand more visitors riffle through your website the way to a better increased sales? The answer is no.

All businesses think they want more traffic, but what they really want is more lead conversions. What happens after a visitor comes to your site and offers their information is a whole other issue. Yes, you need a plan to change that lead into a conversion.

Generating leads for increased revenue demands an Internet marketing strategy. You must determine the needs and wants of your client base first, and then apply that knowledge to your goals through careful planning.  After that, implement the plan and monitor the data, and then adjust your strategy.

Are you bombarded with information about inbound marketing and how it can increase your sales? Are you seeing a positive change in other businesses that utilize inbound marketing? Call us for a free consultation!