Internet Marketing Nightmare: SEO vs. OCD – Does it work?

Bruce Aristeo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing the visibility or effectiveness a website has on search engines when keywords or terms are indexed on search engine result pages (SERPs). Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder caused by invasive thoughts that manifest worry or repetitive behavior. What do the two have in common with each other? Absolutely nothing! But, when combined through a medium, such as an Internet Marketer, the results can be catastrophic.


As we know and have read a thousand times, SEO is simply organizing keywords or terms that are specific to what the page/website references. In more detailed terms, you want to make sure that the Page Title, URL, Meta Description, H1 text, and content contain the keywords you researched for that page.

Keep them in order!

  1. Page Title (70 characters with long-tailed words)
  2. URL (use hyphens to separate “-” the words)
  3. Meta Description (what you see in SERPs)
  4. H1 Headings (only 1 per page please)
  5. Content (rich with keywords)


OCD is an anxiety disorder, which most people believe has very distinct characteristics, such as the need to wash one’s hands repeatedly. Other behaviors can be much less obvious and within the spectrum of OCD. An example of a less obvious behavior is the constant pulling of skin from around one’s fingernails until they bleed. The purpose of the behavior is to interrupt the intrusive thoughts.

Seek help…

  1. Behavioral Therapist (with medication)
  2. Cognitive Therapist (with medication)
  3. No Medication (if not seeing a professional)


Let’s combine SEO with OCD and review the results. If person “A” has OCD, and is an Internet Marketer with a client who needs SEO, then anxiety increases because they need to accomplish the task of increasing the client’s page ranking in SERPs. The continued research of keywords for optimizing the web pages becomes a never-ending obsession. The Internet Marketer checks and double-checks keyword ranking before implementing them into the page, thus blotting out the intrusive thoughts of a low ranking page. Therefore, the page is never posted because they are afraid the keyword might have dropped in ranking from whence they checked. Nothing like the fear of a web page changing after clicking over to a new tab!


Quite the conundrum! How will the page or job ever get completed if the Internet Marketer can’t get passed the first keyword? Actually, this is the perfect job for one who has OCD since SEO needs continued evaluation; the Internet Marketer gets paid for obsessing over the SEO. With the Internet Marketer’s inability to focus due to worrying, the client will probably have more reports then need be, but they will be well informed! A question arises; “is there a point in which the obsession causes the Internet Marketer to over shoot the best keywords?” The perfect phrase comes to mind, “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix.”


In contrast, Obsessive and Anal Retentive have become household words when referring to someone who likes to have things in order. Neither of them are the correct terminologies for the orderly behavior, nor do they reflect the benefit a client receives when having an Internet Marketer who appreciates order. Orderly behavior is more beneficial because the Marketer focuses on the order in which keywords are placed, and leaves the words on the page long enough to receive more meaningful analytics.


In short, know your marketer; understand what human behaviors will best serve you and your business. Check testimonials and user engagement on his/her social media accounts. You don’t have to be a psychologist; you only need a doctrine in life!

This is only a lite article and not seriously driven. I hope you’ve enjoyed the play on ideas and wish to hear your thoughts, so when you leave a comment, I’ll reply!