Internet Marketing Strategy: Be A Consultant In 6 Easy Steps… Not!

Bruce Aristeo

Learn how to be an Internet Marketing Consultant in 6 easy steps.

ACT NOW, and you’ll receive 3 bonus steps!

Become an Internet Marketing Consultant in 6 easy steps? NO WAY! This offer isn’t from my company, nor would I suggest such a false sense of hope. This amazing offer comes from that other web marketing communications LLC who sits in a spare room surrounded by stacks of bills from years past, legal papers from all the times being called into court, empty snack bags eaten on those last minute crunch nights, and a half dozen coffee cups with dried dribbles of coffee which have taken on plant life. My question is “would the office layout be blueprinted as well?” I am willing to learn!

The Reality

Last I checked, this is not a successful business model and those who have this model are surely in the thick of what they’ve created; controlled chaos. You might have started in a spare room and then moved to an office space as many have. Or you might still be in your spare room because working from home is the most economical. But if you’re successful enough to offer a course, would you still be working 80 hours a week on only a handful of clients? I think not!

The Offer In Detail?

Let’s forget the logistics and look at the reality. You offer this course online and your next-door neighbor knocks on your door. The neighbor tells you a story about lost work, bills piling up, utility services being shut-off, and maybe they have to pay their kid’s college support; makes you think doesn’t it? Is the web marketing communications Internet Strategist bigwig really going to show their neighbor how to do what they do… in all detail? Again, I think not!

The Records Revealed

Another reality check; what do you think about an Internet Marketing Strategist, who has only been in business for a little over one year, has several failed attempts at other small businesses, has been in court more times than there are Perry Mason episodes, and their LinkedIn account reveals employment with prestigious companies at an average life expectancy of eight months to a year, but most of all… and this is what they’re teaching… their website and Internet practices are so incongruent to their expression that your head spins off… what is it they’re actually going to teach you? My guess is they’ll teach you how to hand over your money to them!

The Huckster With Makeup

Be leery of those web marketing communication companies presenting themselves as Internet and Social Media Marketing experts, who suddenly decide to hand over the keys to a vehicle they’ve only driven for a year. Realistically, it’s within that first year one learns how to operate a business through making mistakes and fumbling around as if a child learning to stand. The next year is learning how to work through those mistakes as if learning to walk, and the following year, if smart enough, is about moving faster and learning to run!

A Sure Thing!

I’d watch Google Matt Cutts’s videos, sign up for a few free webinars, and then practice on my own website to attract customers. In three months, you have the same information for the cost of a Go-Daddy account and the time you spent building a website.

Oh, the 6 steps to success… and those 3 bonus steps? If I listed them, you’d laugh so hard you’d collapse a lung!