Off-Page SEO And Inbound Links: The Company You Keep

bruce aristeo

Off-page SEO is about building quality inbound links; a network of links from other high-ranking sites that lead back to your website. Just as it is in other areas of business, it’s often ‘who you know’ that matters. Search engines consider the quality, or ‘authority’ of the sites linking back to you, and the more authoritative inbound links you create, the higher you’ll rank.

You might have come across companies that offer link building campaigns, and what they offer seems quite appealing because it will save you lots of time. If you’re interested in having this service performed, please ensure you have an ironclad money-back guarantee. Usually, this service requires months to perform, and you should see a difference in the amount of inbound links to your website.

Check for testimonials, and check the testimonials by contacting them via email or phone. The process for verification is the same as if you were hiring an employee. Always keep in mind that building quality inbound links takes time and effort, but the tips below should get you off and running.

  • Content is king. Create engaging, educational and informative content. When people like your content, chances are they’ll want to share it by linking to it.
  • Submit your website to online directories. Many directories are free and easy to set up.
  • Write guest posts for other popular blogs. Popular blogs are often looking to add quality content, and by building these relationships, you’re also building quality inbound links.
  • Research link-building opportunities with other sites of authority. There are online tools available to help you check the domain and page ranking of the sites you’re trying to build links with.

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