Social Media Expert?

Bruce Aristeo Social Media ExpertFrom LinkedIn Social Media:

Is there such a thing as a SM Expert?

I know that this is late to post, but I just recently got around to looking at some of my social media discussions. I’ve heard competitors talk about being a Guru, and Expert, and Wizard, and every one of the blog postings I’ve read miss the mark entirely because they’re all the same! I think this discussion states it all in that there is “no such thing as a social media expert.”

Social media is a fluid form

There can be an expert in a particular field of study that remains relatively stable, but in the case of this discussion, the arena of social media is too vast and encompasses countless variables. SM is a fluid form of communication which will never stop, even within specific industries. Take printing companies for example, the industry changes so rapidly that they have a hard enough time maintaining a grip on technology and staying ahead of home printing options such as the ability to print business cards and stationery.

Check out this discussion, see what you think, and think about it the next time you hear someone titled or being titling as a SM expert. You might want to strike up a discussion with them to find out what he/she thinks of the concept.