Some Skills for Organic Link Building – Part 1

Bruce Aristeo

Skills for organic link building are not difficult but do require time and effort to achieve the goal, which is more inbound links. After reading that last statement, you might be asking yourself a few questions, such as what is a link, what is link building, what is inbound, what is an organic link, and in the end, what do I need links for?

For an apprentice, or someone who wishes to do some research before hiring an agency for an inbound link building strategy, these cognitive inquiries arise quite frequently. I’ve compiled a short list of definitions so you can understand the terms leading into our next blog Some Skills for Organic Link Building – Part 2.

LINK: There are three basic types of links 1) an intrapersonal, 2) an interpersonal, and 3) an external. 1. The intrapersonal link is a link on a web page that directs you somewhere within the same page. 2. An interpersonal link sends you to another page within the same website. 3. An external link directs you off the current site to another website, or visa versa (inbound link). There are other types of links, but let’s stick with the basics first.

LINK BUILDING: Link building is when you purposely create links forming a web of networks pointing to and from your website, which generate more inbound and outbound traffic. For the purposes of this blog, we like the inbound best! A link building program is important for page ranking on search engines, and makes the difference between having a visited website or not.

INBOUND LINKING: Inbound, again in the context of Inbound and Internet Marketing, is the process in which your prospective customers come to you without you mass distributing anything outward. An example would be similar to posting a “sale” sign outside of a store, so customers tell other customers about the sale. In contrast, outbound is when you distribute your product through sending emails, flyers, faxes, cold-calls, or text messages. It is the difference between using your brain or brawn.

ORGANIC LINK: An organic link is a link that occurs naturally, or free of chemicals. Inbound Marketing Strategies include Pay Per Click (PPC), which represent the chemicals or some other form of payment for the link. A non-organic link is a paid link for a position on another website such as Google. Therefore, an organic link is a link that occurs because readers, not you, plant the seed on other websites.

See our next blog post titled: Some Skills for Organic Link Building – Part 2 for step-by-step instruction to build those organic links.