Website Optimization: 6 Steps To Who You Are On The Web?

Bruce Aristeo

You’ve heard all the ramblings you can take about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), read all the articles which fly into your inbox, watched the same people discuss the same things over and over, and all for what? Simply so Google, Yahoo, and Bing can continue to make changes, which keep you busy making changes to your website and your website optimization. What a time investment!

Think about the rate at which you get paid, the amount of money you make from each customer, the expense of the website, programs, apps, and other necessities necessary to maintain your position in ranking. Then compare that to the amount of visitors you get on your site who don’t spend money. Are you depressed yet?

SEO, Again?

Search Engine Optimization represents a researching skill, which most find excessively time consuming to bother with. Include the major changes being made to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which are never fully divulged, and you have a recipe for losing segments of your life. This is because you spend more time keeping up with the changes to your site than with smelling the roses. But, that’s not the end! You have Social Media, video, and analytics to consider as well.

Watch That First Step!

Interestingly enough, they are all part of the FIRST step to positioning your business, and creating a successful search engine marketing strategy. That’s some first step! Consequently, your website is a tool, amongst many others, which accomplish the goal of positioning your business in search engine results. The point? It cannot be ignored, or you risk losing incoming traffic, ranking, and money.


When reviewing all your efforts there is only one concept, which takes precedence over any other, and that’s BRANDING. Are all your activities and accounts striving for the same goal, or are they disjointed, and leading your brand in different directions? Everything you do should be targeted and coordinated to supporting the continued vision you began with. Look at it like this; where would Coke be if the marketers changed the brand colors?

Glitter is Not Gold

Funny, I used Coke as an example, especially since their colors are red and black, but it is an important consideration because everything you do is connected. “All that glitters is not gold” comes to mind when thinking about the many local SEO’ers, Social Media hoes, and the hilarious Internet Marketing speakers who never walk-the-talk, and sadly have clients who don’t know better. If you watch what someone does, and then compare it to what they say, you should find congruency. If not… Then run away! That sounds like something from The Cat in The Hat.

6 Easy (yeah right!) Steps To a Successful Youthful Web Presence!

  1. Branding: Your name, colors, tag line, mission statement and other parts of who you are must be congruent and make a clear statement of what you or your company is about.
  2. Persona: Presenting yourself to the world is a major undertaking, and being authentic is very easy, but not so easy when so many are actors. Social Media is an excellent way to get out into the world, use it to your best advantage!
  3. Visual: Your website is home-base, that’s why the first page is called “HOME.” Make sure that what you do in all of your accounts (social media, blogs, ecommerce) lead back to home.
  4. Content: I’ve said this before, you need fresh, educational, relevant content on your website. Using a blog located on your site and not a third party’s site increases your ranking greatly.
  5. Followers: Understand what your mission or goal is, and then find those who are interested in what you offer. Once found, learn about their needs, wants, and desires to build a better goal.
  6. Engagement: Incorporate the tools to engage with those around you, and especially those who you have yet to meet. Simply interacting with customers does not “cut the mustard,” you must truly engage authentically and in a timely manner.