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Since 1994 I’ve been using the Internet to market both my company and concepts.  The vastness of the Internet enabled me to study behaviors of people and their online-habits.  Over the years, those studies supported and developed my particular skill-set of inbound and guerrilla marketing, which now permit me to work with clients within a multitude of venues.  Ultimately, clear communication and effective action help pave the road to simultaneously meeting a client’s and my personal goals.

Having a touch of narcissism, I’d love to utilize this space by puffing up my feathers and having you listen to all of my past achievements, but how boring would that be? Right!  Your true interests are whether-or-not your goals will be a priority within me, and whether-or-not I’m reliable and skilled enough to do what I say.  Well… I only say what I mean, and do what I say.

If you’d like to have a meeting of the minds, or setup an interview to utilize my particular skill-set, please feel free to join the party and use the contact form provided.  Alternatively, you can connect with me online through any of my favored social media networks.