Social Media Marketing

After all the Social Media Marketing blogs, vlogs, and publications, business owners continue to strive for the secret to success as they make every attempt to build a meaningful Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign.  Daily news and updates flood the networks and e-mail boxes about business owners who have successfully expanded their social reach, ultimately attracting more customers than without it.  But, to be truly successful you must be consistent and have the resources and tools to maintain your accounts.  Many of the best tools are FREE, but the resources used to accomplish success may cost you in time (do-it-yourself), or the expense of hiring someone to complete the tasks.

Either way, the cost of not using social media can be quite harmful.  I believe the real question is “Where’s your money being spent now, and who is leading you to success?”

Social Media Marketing, a value added resource!

Social Media Marketing is a “value added” to your company by increasing customer engagement and retention.  Additionally, SMM generates new business leads via multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, etc.  But the elusive answer is how?

The optimization of your company’s web content is one of the most dynamic ways to create brand exposure, immediately communicating with customers when you receive comments or e-mails, and jumping through “fire hoops” to generate website traffic is yet another.  All your efforts are an intricate part of any Marketing Plan and by remaining consistent, your work efforts may quickly turn into an asset not an expense…  But again, I emphasize “if you remain consistent and keep up the work.”

You say when you’re ready…

I develop Social Media Marketing plans custom tailored for your business by first examining the resources you have on hand.  An SSM plan includes a detailed Social Media Marketing formula and additional tools to instantly post your messages across the social sphere. Within this marketing plan, your updates are seamlessly recorded, delivered, and found by both existing and new prospects instantly.  And YES, you learn how to do-it-yourself.  Other marketeers make attempts to lock you into lengthy contracts.  I believe in walking away when you say you’re ready … or scream “UNCLE!”