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As the Internet and Web dictate how you communicate with others, the box of tools (SoundCloud, Google Hangout, Google Hangout On-Air, Podcast) enables you to reach others and grows at an alarming rate. Why the tools grow so quickly is that for each version of “Tool-A,” other tools are created causing Tool-A to develop at an increased rate (usually multiples of itself). So what does that mean for you? It means a greater learning curve, and an urgency to understand tool-A’s basic elements before the next change. Quite a task… right?

SoundCloud factors in “Ease of Use”

Luckily, some companies maintain the “Ease of Use” factor during development, which reduces the learning curve of their tools. This enables you to stay within the norms of technology while continuing to expand your knowledge and learn other tool related aspects. Some related aspects are the simplicity of creation, the benefits of sharing, the methods of promoting, and the joy of watching your goals come to life. You can certainly accomplish those aspects with SoundCloud, but using only one tool limits your reach. To obtain maximum reach for your marketing plan, you must utilize the diversity of your toolbox.

Today, your toolbox includes but not limited to SoundCloud, Google Hangout, Podcast, etc. Each tool can be as simplistic or diverse as you wish; it all depends on how deep you travel “down the rabbit hole.” One of my favored expressions! Again, for you laymen, it means how far will you explore the unknown.

Let’s look at readily available tools

bruce aristeo soundcloud SoundCloud: An online audio only distribution platform enabling users to upload, record, promote and share his/her original sound creations. SoundCloud reached ten million registered users in January 2012. The benefit to artists is the service allows them to upload their music with a distinctive URL. Allowing sound files to be embedded anywhere, SoundCloud can be combined with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This allows members to reach their audience more effectively through sharing.
bruce aristeo google hangout Google Hangout: Developed by Google, Hangouts was designed as an instant messaging and video chat platform; its initial release was on May 15, 2013. Google Hangouts allow users to hold conversations between two or more users in an open or closed space. The service is accessed online through the Gmail or Google+ (Google Plus) websites, or through mobile apps available for Android and iOS.
bruce aristeo google hangout on-air Google Hangout On-Air: Hangouts On-Air gives users the ability to create instant webcasts over Google+. The broadcasts can also be recorded for later retrieval.
bruce aristeo podcast Podcast: A podcast is a digital format consisting of a series of audio only or audio/video files subscribed through Apple iTunes and either downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device.